Vassil bojkov collection has been shown at displays in several universe capitals. The national set of disciplines in sofia is launching an astounding convention named ‘the golden down. 62 incredible ancient ruse have been especially selected out of vassil bojkov’s extensive bunch of over 3 thousands. The exhibit proudly exhibits various areas of religion and ritual procedures from the thracians. 16 of this artefacts have not before been seen in open public. Some of the undetectable treasures add a few types of yellow metal kantharos, an incredibly rhytons and an add-ons kylix. The centre part of the display is a really kantharos that depicts the golden ram’s sacrifice which usually transferred helle and phrixus to colchis. Finally, the silver kilyx shows theseus with the marathonian bull in astounding element which is had a relationship with from 445-440 bc. These are generally just a few of the intriguing types of the ruse on display on the exhibition. This kind of inspiring event can be quickly compared to a number of the leading expositions in the world including the ones inside the metropolitan memorial, the hermitage in moscow or even the louvre, says prof. Atanasios sideris, archeologist and head curator of the Vasil Bojkov. The convention is an unusual chance for mythology lovers, record fans and merely dreamers to jump in a world of fantastic past, wherever feelings had been displayed through magnificent things and floors were advised from era to technology with the help of noticeably beautiful artifacts that thankfully whisper the storyline of the medieval aegean waters and wonderful greek mountain tops even today.

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