BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Minion Masters Battle Pass System

Season Passes will always contain a very similar way of rewarding players. However, there will be fewer levels with only 50 reward levels available on the new Season Pass, a significant change from the previous system.

That said, reducing the number of levels could be a pretty positive change. It was difficult for all but the most dedicated players to be able to complete an entire Battle Pass, leaving many unclaimed rewards.

Three new cards will now be added to the game each season. This will also include a legendary new skin, three avatars and an emote. It is unclear whether these rewards will be exclusive to the season pass or not.BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Minion Masters Battle Pass System

In terms of the rewards that remain, players can still expect to find a large amount of experience, shards, rubies and gold in their season pass. There will also be several copies of other cards and 35 power tokens.

In addition to this change, BetaDwarf will now completely remove the season tokens. These tokens seemed to have given an impression of randomization to obtaining the best cards of the season, and were replaced by the cards unlocked in the Season Pass.