Blackwood Specter’s Survivor Horror Skin Witch Launches On Steam

Publisher and developer Blackwood Specter has announced the release of its survival horror game Skin Witch. While the game is now available on PC, Mac and Linux ports are coming soon. The title has many ways to play, including multiple difficulties and endings depending on the player’s actions.

Skin Witch takes place in several troubling locations. The players are first trapped in an underground mine where they have been sent to investigate. If they manage to survive in the area, they will travel to other places such as an old bunker and possibly the hideout of the skin witch. Blackwood Specter’s Survivor Horror Skin Witch Launches On Steam

The main objective of the game is survival horror. Players will have limited resources to fight, especially ammo. Players can’t shoot everything like in an action game, so careful planning is necessary before fighting beasts. Even after the beasts seem to be defeated, they can get up. Fortunately, players can choose the weapons they want to use to defend themselves.

The gameplay is non-linear and the underground mine can become a labyrinth. Puzzles are included in the game. There are unique puzzles to solve in the underground mine.

Since the title is non-linear, players can take the path of their choice to reach the hideout of Skin Witch. Depending on their actions in the game, there are several endings to discover.