Crusader Kings II Offers A Timely Free DLC

Paradox developers continue to generate hype for the next Crusader Kings III, which is expected to arrive sometime this year, 2020. As their social media fired on all cylinders announcing the approach of the next iteration of the A beloved brother, Paradox also offers some free extensions for Crusader Kings II, which recently became free.

Admittedly, this is not a title for everyone; the amount of preparation and tutorials you will have to go through to start your game with confidence puts the other titles to shame; expect hours of YouTube, a search engine open on a different monitor, and a decent bewilderment when you get started. Once the bug bites, however, it doesn’t let go; Steam is filled with player reviews of hundreds of hours of gameplay, and they’re still not 100% sure what is going on in the world.

Paradox Studios is back with another extension
Crusader Kings II Offers A Timely Free DLC If You Grab It Soon With The Reaper’s Due
Reaper’s Due introduced a world change event that occurred in 1347, which is now colloquially titled the Black Death. It is a devastating plague which arrived in Europe and which ended up killing more than 20 million people across the continent, after having boasted a brutal sum coming from Asia. With boils suddenly covering the bodies of the afflicted, citizens could not go to bed in perfect health unless they woke up.

With dead citizens filling towns and villages, entire populations disappearing in less than a week, production suddenly stopped for entire countries while infrastructure was simply shut down. It has permanently changed the face of Europe, with hastily erected mass burials to eliminate the new threat of plague.

Reaper’s Due introduces these mechanisms into the fold of Crusader Kings II, the black plague itself now threatening your citizens and moving across the continent. The expansion also adds new mechanisms to help leaders fight the latest threat to their power. court doctors, a post for learned courtiers who can easily diagnose and treat the disease with available technology. Hospitals can be built to slow the spread of various epidemics and take care of your sick subjects.

Your citizens will swell or shrivel