Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Is A Paleontologist

If you’ve ever wanted to dig up dinosaur bones, then Dinosaur Fossil Hunter should make it to your wish list. The game will launch later this year and open up the possibility of running your own museum.

This game is, by default, a simulation game. You work as a paleontologist and travel to different countries in search of treasures. Unlike Indiana Jones, it’s more of a realistic view of the world of archeology where you manually dig up fossils and clean them as you prepare to manage your own museum.

The game is designed by Pyramid Games, and it includes a rather realistic view of paleontology. Travel the world through hostile lands and deep deserts, searching for excavation sites filled with hidden treasures.

Each excavation is managed by yourself. Use your truck and dynamite to reach the excavation, then excavate carefully using your shovel and pickaxe. If you’re not careful, you could damage the bones, so make sure you know where to dig and when. Once the bones are released from their earthen prison, take them back to your museum. Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Is A Paleontologist Simulation Game For Every Dinosaur Fan, Build A Museum And Fill It With All Of Your Discoveries

After your expedition, you can spend the time personalizing and decorating your museum. Furnish the interior, decorate the building with display stands, design dioramas and become a true museum curator. Organize the dinosaur bones to create exciting and dynamic scenes that will inspire and delight your visitors.

The game provides a set of equipment that will be used in your work. Your truck will be your main form of transportation and you can use the Georadar to locate and identify fossils. You come equipped with tons of tools to dig through several layers of rock and a tablet full of information on all known dinosaurs.

This simulation offers a relaxing experience for fans who dream of unearthing bones. Paleontology is a daring and adventurous profession. What better way to spend your free time than learning and exploring the world of dinosaurs.