Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine

Let’s discuss something pretty critical here: in the past, every time you wanted to get a copy of one of these good old fashioned games, you’d go out on the street and hunt down a real copy of the games. It would invariably mean that you would bring the bad boy home, come home and just start playing. But more and more recently, the gaming world has become all digital, and you have to TV

In fact, some games don’t even come with physical copies. You have to go out and collect them. What it means It actually means several things. At least that means several things in today’s environment today. Well, if you haven’t paid a lot of attention to it lately, the people at Sony have decided to slow everything down because everyone is on the Internet at the same time, it’s actually bad for them. waiters. Continue reading below to learn more about all of this.
Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine, Sony Slows Down All Streaming Speeds In Europe
It turns out that this is really a particularly simple calculation. The more people who end up using the Internet at any given time, the more likely the system is to crash and crash. So if you think about it in terms of the scale that we have seen around the world at this point, the decision made by Sony is actually quite logical.

The procedure is as follows: across the European peninsula, there are dozens of countries that have ordered all their workers to stay at home, unless they are somehow qualified as what is hailed as essential staff. And here, essential means really essential.

So these people are out there, they go out and do their work as quickly as humanly possible, while the other lucky ones in the world are resting