Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Will Not Have VR Capabilities At Launch

When it comes to space exploration games, Elite Dangerous is one of the best deals. It’s a massive multiplayer space epic, where each player’s story shapes the galaxy in a meaningful way. It has been released since 2014 and over the years has garnered a lot of support.

Its massive expansion – Odyssey – is due out in early 2021. It’s still far enough, but fans haven’t been kept up to date with what’s in store. The expansion will give players the chance to get out of their planes and explore planets like never before.

This premise alone seems to be an incredible experience that should take Elite Dangerous to new heights. Those waiting for VR support may be a little disappointed. UploadVR and Frontier Developments have just announced that VR capabilities will not be available when this major expansion is launched. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Will Not Have VR Capabilities At Launch

A representative from Frontier Developments then explained the decision in more detail in an email. Roughly, the developer wanted to ensure a smooth launch. Adding support for virtual reality to the mix of new gameplay and mechanics would be too cumbersome, at least at first.

However, the developer did not completely rule out VR support. He could very well arrive at this space game at a later date, probably once the developer has time to make sure that the Odyssey expansion goes well with the community.