Erica Mena Shocks Fans With New Info Regarding

Erica Mena has managed to shock many of her fans by posting a video that shows how certain masks against the virus are made and under what conditions. Erica spends her days at home with Safaree and their little girl.

“ This is why it is important to wear the RIGHT mask not only to protect yourself, but also for others. Stop going out if you don’t have the right PERIOD protection !! This is what upsets me and the others. Many of you are playing about it when so many people are dying. STAY YOUR ASS INSIDE with your
Erica Mena Shocks Fans With New Info Regarding Protection Masks Against The Covid-19
Someone commented: “I think the worst is the conditions in which these human beings work.”

Another follower said, “ Wow not fair, what I don’t understand is why isn’t there a company in America that can do all these PPE items?

Erica also had another observation to make:

“Governments of other nations: cleaning streets and public spaces. Make sure their employees are comfortable with money for the supplies they need at home. American government: make sure that if the virus does not kill us, capitalism does. God Bless US All, she posted to her IG account the other day
Someone said, “ It’s a shame to say it, but some people knew it was happening, the fu * ked part is that some people are paid to act like they are sick or people who die sick are helped take the risk of praying for us nurses and those who take risks, lord knows this shit is crazy, this cannot be life, maybe God tells people to stop playing with him like if it were a game.