Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirms That Weapon

Unfortunately, you haven’t really been able to use the weapon for so long. Eventually, as the enemies started to get more powerful, you were forced to give up the Buster sword for new and improved weapons. Of course, new weapons have long been a staple of all RPGs.

However, when the world of Final Fantasy VII returns in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will be able to keep your favorite weapons for longer periods, thanks to the improved weapons. This is a new feature to come in the remake that was not available in the original.

However, according to the game’s official Twitter account, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of weapon upgrading at a place very familiar to fans of the original PlayStation 1 classic.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirms That Weapon Enhancement Will Be A Part Of The Game
The inclusion of Beginner’s Hall in Sector 7 shows yet another example of the creative team paying close tribute to the original version of Final Fantasy VII from 1997.

The tweet showed three screenshots, one of which was an outside preview of Beginner’s Hall. We also got our first glimpse of the sector 7 weapons store.

In impressive continuity, it looks a lot like the Sector 7 weapon store from the original game. In this store, you had a salesperson sitting behind a fenced desk, and that’s exactly what this screenshot shows.

The idea of ​​a neighborhood watch base is new to the Remake. In the screenshot, we see Cloud entering a room where Biggs and Wedge are sitting with guns. In the original, there was no surveillance
neighborhood. However, if you used the pinball machine in Tifa’s bar, you had access to the hidden underground base of Avalanche. We do not know for the moment if the neighborhood watch base is the base of Avalanche under a new name, or if it is something completely different which gives birth to mini-games.