Final Fantasy 7 Remake Receives One Last Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be online in just a few hours; less than eight hours if you are on EST. At this point, the gargantuan download should already be complete and installed on your PlayStation 4; reaching just over 100 GB, downloading takes a long time because the PlayStation network is bombarded with requests right now because everyone is stuck in their house, and a large number of these users are probably munching on the metaphorical bit to return to the world with Cloud Strife, Mako Reactors and the inevitable Shinra Corporation.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is just one segment of the classic hit from Final Fantasy 7, however; the redone title begins where the classic title did, but it ends shortly before the team leaves Midgar to pursue the world’s biggest unknown. Now fans of the original may be slightly taken aback if they weren’t very careful; the start centered on Midgar lasts about four hours at most in the classic title. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Receives One Last Trailer Before Its Launch On April 10, And It’s A Banger.

You can expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to last much longer than that, even if it is only a relatively short piece that we get from the overall Cloud saga.

You can expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to last you for at least 40 hours, although the developers have stated that the amount of content available in the new version is comparable to other Final Fantasy standalone titles, such as Final Fantasy IX or XV.

Plus, it’s if you rush to see the story. The actual playing time required to defeat the entire title is simply not yet known; the developers have been pretty tight on the number of chapters players can expect (at least ten have been confirmed by game testers) apart from comparisons with other Final Fantasy titles.