Kicks Off Fundraising Effort

Earlier this month, the Game Developers Conference had to be canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Obliged to travel online, the cancellation of the event put a large number of developers short of funds.

While the event certainly had to be canceled, the cancellation has always had an incredibly negative impact on the independent developers who went to the event. These companies usually work with extremely limited funds and staff, and spending time and resources to attend these events can be a disruptive scenario.

Above all, the financial loss on this type of event must be recovered and normally goes through an increase in marketing and sales by their physical presence. The event having been canceled so late, all this money had still been spent, but there Kicks Off Fundraising Effort To Support The GDC Relief Fund
A gaming organization, Wings, stepped in to do what it could. Wings launched the GDC Relief Fund to help raise funds for these developers and offset the huge financial losses. The movement has gained considerable ground, as well as great support. stepped in to help the GDC Relief Fund as much as they can. They will spend the next two days fundraising to help fundraising, streaming via Twitch with big events to collect donations.

Today was the first day and included wonderful events, such as live music by Jukio Kallio and discussions with a variety of characters. Notable names in the game world like voice actors Ashly Burch of Borderlands and HAWP, Erika Ishii of Destiny 2 and Gundam NT, and many others have joined for a few Q&A.

There are many more events to come tomorrow and the next day too. Rami Ismail will host an event called “Call Me Ismail,” as well as streams of titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Sayonara Wild Hearts. Wednesday will have a tutorial on game creation, discussions on saving game history and a composition session m