Is Lady Gaga Getting Married?

Is Lady Gaga getting married? That’s the subject of a new article in the upcoming May 11, 2020, issue of In Touch magazine. It’s been clear that Lady Gaga is head-over-heels in love with her new beau Michael Polansky and now people are wondering if the two are ready to walk down the aisle. Lady Gaga has been engaged twice, first to Taylor Kinney, and then to Christian Carino. Both engagements were called off and Lady Gaga continued to try her hand at love again. Now it appears that Michael and Lady Gaga may have the real thing and according to the report, she is going to do everything in her power to keep Michael by her side.

Lady Gaga is 34-years-old and Michael Polansky is 37-years-old. Their ages are much closer than her relationship with 52-year-old Christian. Not much is known about what Michael and Lady Gaga have in common, but she has made it clear that she adores him.

At this point, neither Lady Gaga nor Michael Polansky has gone forward to say they are engaged or having wedding plans and Lady Gaga hasn’t been spotted wearing a ring. Still, the publication went into detail about wedding plans the couple reportedly has made.

The source stated the following.Is Lady Gaga Getting Married?

“It’s going to be a $ 1 million wedding. She’s ecstatic. It will either take place in California or her hometown, New York City. She and Michael can’t wait to make it official. Gaga likes to do things over the took but don’t expect her to be carried down the aisle in a pod. The wedding will be extravagant but tasteful. No gimmicks. It’s going to be fabulous. She knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with this guy. ”