Lil ‘Uzi Vert Says He’s Got New Music To’ Troll ‘The’ Old Heads’

In recent years, fans have been disappointed by Lil ‘Uzi Vert for not having released as much music as they hoped. Hot New Hip Hop recently picked up on a post from the young star in which he said he was getting more work soon.

According to HNHP, Lil ‘Uzi Vert likes to tease new music without leaving any. For years, he told fans that he had a sequel to his beloved, LUV IS Rage 2, and in March of this year, the rapper finally delivered.

Just a week later, he released another album, LUV Vs. The World 2, but he still seems to be offering new material. The rapper released a brand new song called “Sasuke” on Friday, but fans didn’t like him as much as he hoped.Lil ‘Uzi Vert Says He’s Got New Music To’ Troll ‘The’ Old Heads’

Since then, Lil ‘Uzi Vert has announced that he has more music to release, but not out of respect for his fans. The rapper said he was giving up on new songs despite all the old school hip hop fans who couldn’t get used to the change in musical style.

On his Twitter account, the rapper said he would show all “old a ** n * ggas” the “F * CKING HITS”. Lil ‘Uzi Vert went on to say that he had “SLAPS”. Apparently he was just dragging the “old heads”.

One fan, in particular, wondered why the rapper felt the need to explain himself so much. Rather than ignoring the prompt, Lil ‘Uzi Vert went on to explain even more, saying that many retired rappers love hate as a way to get oxygen.