Porsha Williams Publicly Proclaims The Love

Porsha Williams is completely in love with her sister, Lauren Williams, and she has sprung up a lot on her and her niece on social networks. Now Porsha has again released a few words of love about her “ sissy ”, and the fans are there for their incredible relationship.


‘I love my sissy so much !! @lodwill “A faithful sister is worth a thousand friends!” Pors’ Porsha captioned his message.


Lauren wrote: ‘You are my best friend! Being with you and P2 is my favorite thing in the world 🌎We laugh for hours and we communicate without even saying a word. We are the same kind of crazy and we agree with that. I love you sooooo Porsha Williams Publicly Proclaims The Love For Her Sister, Lauren Williams One follower said: “ I loved your responses on WWHL regarding your relationship! I was watching Andy ask you these questions. But you kept it together and cute! I definitely pray for your family! “I love you P!


One fan posted: “ I saw Lauren one day at Cracker Barrel on the Southside. She seemed so down to earth. She greeted the people who spoke to her, which I found pleasant.


Someone else wrote, “ I’m watching the show right now on my DVR. I just want to say that I like the way you communicate and clarify things. You are not afraid and I admire this in you. Blessings to you and your family.


Another commenter posted: “Absolutely beautiful. You are very beautiful. God is good, will he not do it. Amen.’


Porsha shared a beautiful photo that she captioned with: “ My best attempt to have hazel eyes @lodwill lol, they still look. 😂😂 PS almost went blind to all of you on say one😂 #LoDreamyEyes Mua: Me ‘


Her sister replied, “Ima post this and say it’s me” and went on to say, “You have big brown eyes! I always tell you! You just need the sun to hit it well hit ‘


Porsha was recently invited to WWHL and chose to wear a gorgeous blue mini dress.

Porsha felt a little uncomfortable when Andy Cohen asked her if she trusted Dennis McKinley these days after the recent allegations of cheating.