Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Footer

Le Soleil revealed today that a royal footman who regularly works alongside Queen Elizabeth II has tested positive for COVID-19. Page Six picked up the report from the British store that said the queen was at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

This comes after reports of Prince Charles’ diagnosis. A royal source who spoke with The Sun said that everyone at Buckingham Palace is very afraid of what might happen not only to themselves, but also to the queen and the duke. Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Footer Diagnosed With COVID-19

Queen Elizabeth II is 93 years old and her husband, Prince Philip, is 98 years old. He will be 99 years old in June. The insider went on to say that there is a lot of fear in the royal family right now, due to their sensitivity to the virus due to their age.

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It is unknown where the footman worked when he was diagnosed, the British newspaper reported. In any event, he remained behind closed doors in isolation. Much of her duties included things like bringing meals and drinks to the queen, in addition to presenting her to the guests.

The source told the Sun that there was a palpable sense of fear at Buckingham Palace due to the uncertainty. No one knows who will be next and who will be in danger. As previously reported, Prince Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month.

The news of his diagnosis came shortly after Queen Elizabeth II left Buckingham Palace to get away from tourists from the region. Buckingham Palace is a tourist stopover, with many people