Rasheeda Frost Has A Few Things To Tell Her

Rasheeda Frost is a very successful businesswoman, and there is no doubt about it. She has her amazing Pressed Boutique, where she works hard every day, and she also shares the Frost Bistro with her husband, Kirk Frost.

Rasheeda Frost Has A Few Things To Tell Her Fans About Doing Business – Here’s What You Need To Know In Order To Be Successful The Frost Bistro was one of the couple’s dreams come true, and they are really proud of the place.

Many fans who were there said they appreciated impeccable customer service and exquisite food and drink.

Now Rasheeda has a few things to say to his fans on how to do business successfully. Here’s what she shared on her social media account.

Someone said, ‘I just said the same thing to my team. Law of attraction !!! ‘

A follower posted this: “ Hot as always, real beauty inside you, one in a million, such a blessing to all of us, hope you follow me plz ”, and another commenter wrote : “ Put GOD FIRST … simple and then it becomes God’s business. True story, I witnessed it.

Someone else said, ‘All this !!’ I went to cosmetology school when I was 15 years old !!!! I have been in the living room for over 27 years and constant !! Do not change the lounge, do not keep my clients in the lounge all day ..have a welcoming atmosphere !! All of these things helped explain why my books are always full !!!!! Good deal!!!!’

A follower posted this: ‘I really believe in a good deal‼ ️ I also understand that the definition of a good deal depends on who you ask.’

In other news, the Lady Boss told her fans that she plans to live a healthier life this year.
She also told her supporters that she started fasting on January 1, but she told her fans that it was not too late to start now. She posted a motivational message on her account on social networks.