Ronda Rousey Turns Down Full-Time WWE Position

Rosie made it very clear during a new interview that the actress and former co-host of The View hurt her “terribly”, so she has no intention of returning to the talk show while Whoopi is still there.

It’s no secret that O’Donnell left once and only returned to leave a few months later.

As for her, this was her last outing, as she will never work on The View again. Ronda Rousey Turns Down Full-Time WWE Position — Slams Fans As ‘F*ckin Ungrateful’

While talking to Howard Stern, the host could only ask if he would return, to which Rosie replied without hesitation: “No. I think we all agreed the last time it was best for everyone. I really didn’t like Whoopi.”

Her return after her appearance in 2006-2007 took place in the fall of 2014 when Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace also participated in the panel.

However, O’Donnell didn’t even stay until the end of the season, leaving the show for the second time in February 2015.