Scarlet Nexus Is Bandai Namco’s New RPG For The Xbox Series X

Many games were announced at Microsoft’s recent Inside Xbox digital event. It was an opportunity for fans to take a closer look at the potential of the Xbox Series X. After the end, Scarlet Nexus definitely left a lot of enthusiasm.

It’s an upcoming RPG developed and produced by Bandai Namco. It looks like it will be their first game on this next generation console, which in itself has been very exciting. The title will also be available on Xbox One.Scarlet Nexus Is Bandai Namco’s New RPG For The Xbox Series X

If you buy it on this system and you end up getting the X series, you can get the upgraded copy for free. It’s Microsoft’s smart delivery system, and right away, it gets a lot of positive feedback. Fortunately, players will not have to shell out money for two copies.

But what is the Scarlet Nexus and does it have the potential to do well when it is officially launched on the X series later in the not too distant future? Thanks to an official trailer, you don’t have to guess. For starters, the trailer shows a beautiful futuristic world. The graphics are unique and combine with color.