Sephiroth Wallpaper And Avatars Added

Sephiroth is hailed by many as the most malicious and enigmatic villain ever created by Square Enix. If you were to make a list of the best video game villains of all time, it is likely that he would make the most of the official lists.

Sephiroth is in fact just as popular if not more popular than our heroes of Avalanche. It’s because of her tragic story, her super cool appearance, and her undeniably awesome demeanor.

As such, Square Enix published a number of wallpapers and avatars representing the main villain of the game on the official website of Final Fa

“The legendary SOLDIER Sephiroth is believed to have died on a top secret mission for Shinra, but details are unknown,” Square said in a tweet to the game’s official Twitter account. “We have released a number of wallpapers and avatars with Sephiroth, which you can get from the official Final Fantasy VII Remake website. ”
Sephiroth Wallpaper And Avatars Added To The Official Site For Final Fantasy VII Remake
The site also offers wallpapers representing Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith, so it’s not like Sephiroth is the only game in town.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII follows the story of the original but extends it a bit. In the original version, Sephiroth was never encountered in the city of Midgar. He is never seen long after the party has left town and attempted to cross the ocean on a ship.

Before that, he was seen in a flashback sequence relayed by Cloud, shortly after the party left Midgar.

However, as we approached the release of this game, we saw Sephiroth in a number of trailers while the party was still in Midgar. While many thought it was just a mirage or a cloud vision, we actually did see them clash in the latest trailer.

Sephiroth was presented beyond the original version of Final Fantasy VII. He was a playable character alongside Cloud, Tifa, Vincent and Zack in the