Since The Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has kept celebrities virtually stuck in their homes and away from the beauty treatments they usually undergo, there has been an increasing number of celebrities who look more like ordinary people. Of course, there are celebrities who are hiding behind their curtains designed for fear that someone will see what they look like as their roots grow and their botox wears off, but other celebrities just don’t seem to care. Although people are inside, many celebrities have been spotted walking to the store in casual or even sloppy clothes, with disheveled hair and not a trace of makeup. Other celebrities challenge social media and publish selfies without glam or glitz. However,Since The Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown More Celebrities Look Like Common PeopleThe #IStayHomeFor challenge seemed to be the perfect opportunity to reveal photos without makeup and it makes sense: if you don’t go anywhere, you don’t have to do your hair and makeup professionally. Actor Kevin Bacon is the one who started the trend and celebrities mark other celebrities who share why they stay home. In the past, getting a photo of a celebrity without makeup was a rarity: in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now commonplace. Amanda Seyfried took part in the #IStayHomeFor challenge and chose not to wear makeup. You may see the video he posted below. With the IStayHomeFor challenge, people are sharing a video explaining why they are at home for the Coronavirus pandemic and who they are at home for.