The source said through HollywoodLife that

The TV show that was more than a decade old may be over, but Sarah Hyland is obviously excited about every future in acting. As fans know, Sarah portrayed Halle Danny in the Modern Family for at least 11 years, with the audience being able to watch her grow up on screen, turning from a teenager to a woman right in front of everyone’s eyes.

But all good things come to an end, and so did the show.

While it’s definitely hard to move on from such a big project, a confidential claims that she knows that the actress is looking forward to what future she will bring to her roles.

The source said through HollywoodLife that “Sarah believes the sky is the limit for her career after the Modern Family. She enjoys her time, she is definitely good financially and does not need to work again, but she wants to star in her own shows and make films that make her happy. From now on, all the things in her life are really in a transitional place both in her career and in her [personal] life. She wants to be in good health. ”