Visual Concepts Will Develop WWE 2K21 Despite

Even though WWE 2K20 was the biggest gaming disaster of the past year, developer Visual Concepts will return for 2K21, which will likely launch this fall.
Visual Concepts Will Develop WWE 2K21 Despite Take-Two Being Disappointed With 2K20
When WWE 2K20 was launched last fall, it was unplayable for some, and for those who could play the game, it experienced a multitude of errors and problems, some of which remain in play to this day. Simply put, the most recent WWE game ended up being the biggest disaster of the current generation, but that doesn’t mean that 2K’s parent company Take-Two Interactive won’t give developer Visual Concepts a chance to redeem itself.

In a recent conference call, Take-Two expressed disappointment with WWE 2K20, but confirmed that Visual Concepts will develop the game next year. They also confirmed that they would work closely with developers p
In recent years, the WWE 2K series has been the only major professional wrestling game on the market, but with Yukes launching to create a new wrestling game, the 2K series will finally have some competition, so they can’t get allow yet another disastrous launch. Additionally, Yukes’ new professional wrestling IP will likely have something to do with All Elite Wrestling, which at the moment is the main competitor of WWeme if the problems and technical issues weren’t that big in WWE 2K20, the game is basically a copy and paste of last year’s title, which unfortunately tends to be the norm for all 2K annual sports titles. So, in addition to solving all the problems that affected the 2K20, they will also have to add new features to next year’s game, because fans get tired of playing the game.